Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I tend to go to drugstores to try out makeup instead of going to big end stores like Mac or Sephora (although they do have products you'd want to invest in. That will probably be another post). I've only tried gel liner once before buying this product and was pretty hesitant. Read more for price, where to buy and my review!

Price: $9.96 CAD (It took me a while to find the receipt for the price. I'm so organized)
Where to buy: Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, local drugstore.

The gel is stored in a small glass pot and comes with a brush. I wore it for a few hours on my lid and waterline/bottom lash line. It was perfectly fine on the top line, but the line I made on my bottom lashes started to fall so I would not recommend using it on your waterline/bottom lash line (unless you want to look like a raccoon then by all means! Okay so I'm exaggerating... kinda) Like the package says, it is smudge proof. I tested it out and the colour didn't transfer to my fingers.

I tried using the brush provided but it made very thin lines and it took forrrreveeeerrrrrr to fill. If you want thin lines then you may want to keep the brush but I used my angle eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush made it more easier to glide and was easier to create my wing.

I can't really confirm if it actually lasts 24 hours (I mean who is awake for 24 hours? or sleeps with their makeup on?). If you like that matte liner look, you should definitely try out gel liners. I'd really recommend this if you're trying to look for an affordable gel liner. I'm really impressed with the quality and the fact that it looks black. I get annoyed when I try out an eyeliner and it's like this washed out black so I can tell you the colour comes out great.

Picture of my lid:

What do you guys think of gel liners?

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  1. I have wanted to try a gel liner.
    My friend uses the one from MAC and I cant justify spending that much money on gel liner haha so I think I might try this one out!

    I love my Cover Girl pencil buuut it looks terrible at the end of the day.


  2. @Gwen You're welcome! Whenever I used pencil liner, it'd just be gone within an hour and I'd be like "... where did my makeup go?"

  3. I've been using this for quite sometime, and yes they do smudge on the waterline. Try packing a little bit of black eyeshadow on the waterline too, it will do fine then. I don't like the fact that the formula is a bit dry after a frequent use. And that makes it time consuming when applying for a perfect winged eyeliner =D. Probably that's due to the exposure in the air, maybe. I hate the brush though =)But I love using gel eyeliner, it's the matte finish that makes me to prefer it rather than liquid.

  4. @SolacEvy I definitely agree! I tried winging my eyeliner and just kept getting further out because I couldn't get the perfect point. I ended up looking like Amy Winehouse so I decided that I would use liquid liner for the cateye look. I like the matte look too!