Drama Review: Absolute Boyfriend / Absolute Darling / 絕對達令

Synopsis: Manga Synopsis - Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells "love figures" (androids designed for love-making). On the spur of the moment and without really understanding the implications, Riiko orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline, and must then work out some way to return the one million debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

Heavy spoilers. Do not click unless you do not plan on watching the drama or have already watched it

I have read the Taiwanese synopsis many times while watching other dramas and wanted to watch it, however I noticed it was not finished yet and I usually like watching dramas that are completed so that I can watch it to my heart's content. I saw the end date for the drama was July 1st and I started watching a week before after thinking "Oh yeah by the time I reach the end, July 1st will be over" Nope. (Ended up having to wait a torturous 3 days. Sad, isn't it?)

I was freakin' addicted to the drama by the time the first episode was over. The whole human-robot relationship really intrigued me. It made me wonder what would actually happen to our world if technology in the future allowed us to do so. Although, I'd hope our robot would not die so quickly. Sigh. I just absolutely hate the ending but then again, the ending is also the reason why we feel so connected to the story. It makes us really feel the love between Xiao Fei / Riiko and Night.

It still frustrates me she kept rejecting his sexual offers lol. I'm sure every fan girl can relate to this one. There is a hot robot on your bed, come on!!

The drama stars Koo Hye Sun from Boys Over Flowers (I had just finished the drama) and the eye candy and reason I loved this drama so much - Jiro Wang. I have listened to Fahrenheit music in the past but didn't notice him until this drama. Anyway, midway through the drama, I was spoiled about the ending (my fault for going to the wiki for the manga, but still -_-) so I read the manga as well.

The Taiwanese version did indeed cut some things short, but still stayed true to the manga which I think the manga readers and fans will like. All in all, I think they great a fantastic job in conveying the manga onto the main screen in a quick way that the main points of the story were still there. The ending, I would say was conveyed quite well too. I did not cry like most people (I heard) did, however it did create a great feeling of sadness that Night was now really gone and because the drama was OVER! :'( :'( :'(

I have to quickly mention Zong Shi (played by Kun Da). I went back and forth in the drama between Night and Zong Shi because Zong Shi has always been there for Xiao Fei. He's a keeper!! Also, does anyone think Zong Shi / Kun Da looks kind of like Dong Hae from Super Junior? LOVE! I think that was another reason I liked him so much. In the end, Night won my heart.

Let me note, I have not finished the Japanese version yet. I started watching it while waiting for the final episode of the Taiwanese version to be released. There will definitely be another review comparing the two. But so far, the Japanese version is SO different. It's as if the director did it on purpose as to "surprise" viewers and create their own twist. It's completely fine but because it's a Japanese drama on a Japanese manga, readers and fans are probably not impressed. In terms of the way Night is portrayed, Jiro as Night seems more human-like and warm, whereas the Japanese version Night (sorry, haven't found out the names and stuff) is more obvious robotic-like and hard to get attached to, so far. But who knows, maybe it'll change as I'm only on episode 4. Nonetheless I will do an actual review once I'm done the whole drama.

Last note, as always, I fell in love with the soundtrack. Taiwanese dramas are my favourite because my favourite music to listen to is in Mandarin/Taiwanese. Plus, Jiro Wang is a great singer. Check out his song "Perfect Heartbeat" below!

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  1. I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could watch this with English subs, because I have started watching it without, but my Chinese is so basic it's ridiculous which makes it a little hard to keep up with. But either way, I'm still enjoying it! Thanks if you can :)

    1. Check out! It is a great website for watching Asian dramas with English subs. It leans towards Korean dramas, but Absolute Boyfriend is on there. Enjoy!
      - Tracy

  2. i just can't get over with this... hahaha!! with the manga, the two live-action version series, too. Argghh!! They're all so great!! :D

  3. Thanks for the review! I read b/c I watched the J version back when it came out, and really got into it. Today I watched the 1st episode of the TW version on Viki and I'm debating whether to continue, lol. I've loved Jiro since I first same him in ISWAK, but I never really liked Ku Hye-sun in Boys Over Flowers, and her acting was just ridiculous in the first episode. I may have to just stick with Nine Time Travels and call it a day - love that drama. But I'm waiting for the next awesome TW drama to suck me in - long wait so far...

    1. I didn't ever get around to the J version, but I REALLY loved the Taiwanese version. Ku Hye-sun overacts but if you can ignore that and just focus on Jiro, it will be a fun drama to watch- just a warning VERY sad drama D: I'm currently watching Drama Go GO Go (with Jiro again, I'm in love lol) and it's dragging on a little but if it's any good, I will definitely post a review :D Thanks for your comment!