April 29, 2011 - The Royal Wedding

Photo by defenceimages

The number one thing that everyone is talking about on this very day - the royal wedding. FIRST let me say, I live in Canada and I did not get up at 5 AM. Oh gosh, as much as I am obsessed with weddings, I need my (beauty) sleep. But the first thing I did when I woke up was:

Chinese mom: "What?"
"Oh. OH!!!! That's what I was going to watch!"

We tuned in just in time as Kate was walking with her dad and William emerging with Prince Harry.

"Is that Harry?"
Mom: "Looks like him. Who's that guy next to him? Is that William? OH MY GOSH is he bald?!"
Too friggin hilarious. My mom absolutely LOVES Diana but she has never really kept up with William and Harry.

My overall impression, obviously AMAZING. This is something that's going down in history and it's really cool to watch an event like this. I love Kate! She is just absolutely gorgeous. I love, love, love her wedding dress. Long sleeve is something I don't see that often and I'm a sucker for lace. FUTURE WEDDING DRESS (until I find something else to obsess over) I'm only hoping I look that flawless on my wedding day. Weddings make me tear :')

The Queen looked quite cutesy in her little yellow dress but she looked really different with her glasses on. I actually had to be like "is that... the Queen?"

I was scanning the guests for Mr. Bean but gave up and just googled it. Oh god, I love you, Rowan Atkinson. Never change. And of course who can forget David Beckham and ~Posh~? Gorgeous couple.

Finally, the kiss. While they were waving on the balcony, my heart was beating. LIKE I WAS NERVOUS OR SOMETHING. I DON'T EVEN KNOW but it was the cuuuuuutest thing ever! Can we say new favourite couple?

Of course, I've got to say there were some boring parts and you could tell Kate was smiling but she looked pretty bored. Regardless, it was still a beautiful ceremony. They are such a beautiful couple. I'm jealous.

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