Confessions of a Customer Service Rep

Sorry for the lack of posts and reviews. I only got back from vacation a few weeks ago and I'm BROKE. I've been working a lot these weeks so the cha ching is slowly coming in! Definitely going to buy some new products and try them out! In the mean time, I have an extremely short and to the point customer story!

So I'm tired. It's a Saturday (you retail peeps will know what I mean). The gates are down. I'm finishing up my tasks. A guy starts to walk up to the gate and asks the dumbest question ever.

"Are you guys closed????"

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No, we have our gates down for no reason. No, the mall is empty for no reason. No, the lights are dimmed for no reason. YES WE'RE CLOSED. DUH.

My faith in humanity.....

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