Drama Review: Playful Kiss / 장난스런 키스

Synopsis: Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese shōjo manga, Itazura na Kiss. Oh Ha Ni, a lively but slightly clumsy student who isn't particularly interested in studying, falls in love with Baek Seung Jo ever since entering high school. Baek Seung Jo is a student from the same year as Oh Ha Ni, but with a brilliant mind. He is often considered to be a genius, having being the only student to constantly acquire perfect score on all school exams. His tall, athletic figure and attractive features also make him the object of desire for all girls in the school. But he treats everyone with indifference and coldness, always looking down on those he considers inferior. One day, Oh Ha Ni decides to confess her feelings for him through a letter, but she immediately gets harshly rejected. Fate interferes when an earthquake crashes the newly built house of Oh Ha Ni and her father, which forces them to move in with a childhood friend of Oh Ha Ni's father until the house is rebuilt, who happens to be the father of Baek Seung Jo...

Rating: 9/10

Warning: There may be spoilers. Read at your own risk ;D

I loved the fact that this drama had a good ending (in addition to their hilarious YouTube Special!). It wrapped up everything, there wasn't any dead end questions and it honestly had a good conclusion.

I just found one thing to be super annoying, how OBSESSED Oh Ha Ni was over Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong). Following him everywhere to the point where he expects her to show up at his new job. Damn. My dignity would just be gone after so many rejections if I were Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min). I was also kind of expecting Seung Jo to admit his feelings earlier because I didn't really get to see how he really started liking her. At the end of the drama, I was just like wow, so they're actually dating? This isn't Oh Ha Ni's dream? lol. I think the drama and the manga are just really fairytale-like. I just don't see something like this happening in real life.

Other than the frustration I had with Ha Ni's obsession, I liked the drama and Kim Hyun Joong is super cute when he smiles. I also quite liked Bong Joon Gu's (Lee Tae Sung) character. He was so annoying but so funny at the same time with the way he dramatically reacts to everything Oh Ha Ni-related. Also although the mom (Jung Hye Young) was ridiculous with her love towards Oh Ha Ni, I found her to be hilarious and really wish *I* had a mom like her! She's also super pretty for her age. Hoping I age that gracefully!

Check out the main theme for Playful Kiss. "Kiss Me" by G.NA

What did you think of this drama? Let me know!

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  1. I love this but I prefer the Taiwanese drama better :-) The Anime is amazing I loved it!

    1. I have heard lots of good things about the Taiwanese one! I will definitely watch it when I get the chance to ^___^