Who Are You / 후아유 - A First Impression

Synopsis: Detective Shi-On (So E-Hyun) can see things that ordinary people can not. With her warm-heart, she tries to help ghosts that have unfairly arrived in their situations due to their complicated stories. Meanwhile, Detective Shi-On's partner, Detective Gun-Woo (TaecYeon) only believes in what he can see and touch. The two detectives solve cases related to the lost & found center.

Some spoilers under the cut

I'm a scaredy cat. I'm also a Taecyeon & 2PM fangirl. And that's what led me to this drama. At first I did not realize it was a spooky/paranormal type of drama and was horrified. I can only watch this drama downstairs in the natural daylight where my mom is around (I may be 23 but I still act 15). At the end of the first episode though, I KNEW. I KNEW I WAS HOOKED. This shit is good!!!

I like how the episode always scares us with the ghosts and all, but in the end we learn their purpose of their sudden appearances in front of Shi On and she gets to figure out how to rest their soul. It's not just a "BOO!" sort of asshole ghost that only appears to freak the heck out of her. In addition, Taecyeon is great eye candy and I appreciate his acting. I feel like people are so harsh on his acting because he's in a boyband and acting isn't his expertise but I actually first watched him in Cinderella's Sister? I think that's the drama and I've been intrigued with him ever since.

I've watched up to Episode 5 so far and I'm like FML because I really only have Episode 6 to go and then I have to wait. I'm so impatient, however, the episode with Gun Woo's father cracked me up because at first I thought his father was just a ghost who liked Shi On and his smile and tapping just... omg, I died. Every time he appeared and had that smile on his face, I just laughed so hard. I think I'd rewatch that episode just because of him - please tell me I'm not alone in this LOL.

So overall, I give this drama a big ol' thumbs up :D

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