Drama Review: Pinocchio / 피노키오

A drama depicts love, frustration, growth and the competitive process of young people in their 20s becoming reporters as they cry and get hurt by truth but realize that as reporters, they must tell the truth. It will center the story of a man who hides a special talent living under a fake name and a woman who cannot lie due to ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’.

The story starts with a fire incident and all the firemen who entered the building in the blaze were killed by the fire. The fire incident news report was focused on the story of Kim Ha Myung's father, chief of the fire brigade sent his men in the blaze and caused them all to die and then he fled the scene as an error of his misjudgement as reported by the news reporter, Song Cha Ok. This caused a chaotic situation for Ha Myung's family and end up causing his mother to commit suicide with him and his brother ends up in jail over night due to Song Cha Ok's untruth story. However, the led to Ha Myung growing up with hatred for reporters especially Cha Ok. Fatefully, as he is growing up he meets with Cha Ok's ex-husband and daughter, Choi In Ha and takes on a new identity as Choi Dal Po. In Ha is someone with Pinocchio Syndrome hence she cannot lie.

The story is about how important news reporting the truth. It revolves about how life's at stakes if lies are reported as news.

Rating: 9.5/10

Spoilers! Do not click unless you have already watched it or do not intend on watching it. Thanks!

I watched this right after I finished Birth of a Beauty and at first I couldn't really get into it because there was a lot of backstory surrounding Ha Myung's family, namely the incident that took away Ha Myung's family away from him. I guess there was just so much information and I was just not understanding what I was supposed retain from all the information received.

When I first laid eyes on Ha Myung, who is played by Lee Jong Suk, with his long 80s hair, I was like thinking, man he's not actually that cute. But of course... that didn't last long.

You guys don't blame me right? This hair is really ridiculous!

Once he had his haircut though, then I was like SHIT DAMN FUCK, he's cute!

Park Shin Hye is such a recognizable face to me now. I have watched her in so many kdramas with so many cute guys. She must be envied by the entire world. She did a great job in this drama, as per usual! In this drama, she has a fictional medical condition, the "Pinocchio" syndrome and is often doubted of her ability to carry out a job/task. Of course, she proves everyone wrong.

She can honestly rock any look

But who else thought this uncle/niece love relationship was weird? They are not related, yes but when you think about it - if you live with someone for more than ten years and call them a family name, you naturally start to think of them as a family member. For that reason, I think it would just really be weird for them to develop feelings for one another but still call each other uncle/niece. I know, I know. It's a Korean drama.

Despite me thinking the relationship was weird, I think Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk had great chemistry. I felt the body language between the leads were different or I got a different vibe. I kept noticing Ha Myung would touch In Ha's face a lot (i.e. holding her face, brushing hair out of her face, etc). It made me feel very warm inside- maybe it's that he combines family and romance love together. It's a very interesting observation.

This drama was carried out really well. What I noticed was they really stepped out of the usual kdrama formula and stereotype. Of course, the drama still had its chaeboel character but for once there is no poor girl and rich guy dynamic or vice versa. It's refreshing!

There was also a lack of relationships in general. I'm so used to kdramas which have the main leads' romance and then a string of other romances in general. At one point, I thought they might pair Yoon Yoo Rae, played by Lee Yoo Bi and Seo Bum Jo, played by Kim Young Kwang, together. So when they pulled the Cap/Yoon Yoo Rae card, I was like ...wat.

To address Seo Bum Jo's mom being the culprit. I can't say I didn't expect her to be the one behind everything. They put her in so many scenes in the beginning that you just begin to think, why are they showing this woman so much and why should we care about her? Because she da villain. I just felt like I didn't really have to figure anything out with this drama so they could have done a better job at making the plot twist a bit better.

Let's go through some characters that really captured my heart (besides the leads, of course!)

Our beloved Officer Chan Soo! He has this really childish cute face, so seeing him as an Officer really surprised me and I do recall he was a bit of an ass in the beginning but I am so glad they chose to portray him as a helpful friend in the end. The fact that he is married in this drama kills me but he looks like a little boy! haha

This guy also taught me a new word in Korean. "Mah" as in silly/stupid? LOL I don't recall anymore but it was his thing to call people that (mainly Ha Myung and In Ha).

I originally thought Jae Myung would cause some trouble that would create a rift between the brothers. In the end, he played a really big role in shaping the way Ha Myung thought and it didn't hit us viewers until the end when he told Ha Myung to ask what people want to know, not what HE wanted to know. The feels.

Finally, my favourite superiors - Cap, played by Lee Pil Mo and Headband Guy, played by Min Sung Wook. They made the drama very, very entertaining! Cap had that very serious personality but also playful (I definitely began to ship him and Yoon Yoo Rae near the end) and Headband Guy just seemed super scary all the time, but we all know he was a goof and a soft side

I'm not going to say the ending was bad, because it honestly wasn't. But it was missing something for me. I think it would have been nice to see In Ha and her mom together and happy. I feel like her mom was so misunderstood throughout everything and In Ha really loved her mom despite everything. And since they were gonna go in the wedding direction, might as well have the wedding ceremony scene where they could have easily displayed that by having her mom and dad there, getting along... also with her grandfather, Officer Chan Soo, Yoon Yoo Rae, Seo Bum Jo, Cap, the whole crew!! I just felt like it was pieces of everything and the rest of the characters are forgotten.

If you watched Pinocchio, let me know what your thoughts were! I'm listening

As always, I end off this post with some of my favourite songs from the OST, although I swear this whole OST is amazing. Enjoy!

Zion T - Kiss Me

Every Single Day - Non Fiction

K. Will - The Only Person

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