Confessions of a Customer Service Rep

As usual at work, I run into all sorts of shenanigans. I thought it would be perfect to make a post (or maybe more in the future if appropriate situations come up again). This is my life as a part time customer service representative.

I've been in retail for a long time and I've seen all kinds of people. People who spend too much money, people who ask for discounts on an item because it's been damaged when there's a perfectly nice one beside it, people who come in and get the hell out (my favourite kind) and then people who are damn annoying and sometimes dumb.

Before I start, it's important to know my service job is in a retail store and we have super old refund machines that can only do refunds, it cannot do exchanges. If someone wanted to do an exchange, they'd have to refund it at customer service and purchase the new product at cash. It's annoying but hey, I only work for the company...

This lady comes and explains she bought a bunch of items with her Visa card and totally forgot she had a gift card. No problem. I explain to her:

"In order to do that, I'd have to refund your items here and then you'll have to go to cash to repurchase it"

Customer: "Oh please don't make me do that"

"Oh, you know what, I'll go ring you through myself" I was being nice and felt for her when I saw lines and lines of people at cash.

Customer: "Thank you"

So I'm processing her return, she signs her slip and she goes "Now what?" (hint: she's not exactly saying this in a nice tone)

"I-I'm processing your return...."


So far, so good right? (Not really but...) This woman seems nice... kinda. Her gift card only had about $30 so she'd still need to pay $10. I went to a register only to realize there was no debit machine!

"Oh... hm."

Customer: "Now what??" (Yes, the extra question mark was needed). She kept giving me this look like WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!?!?! THERE IS NO DEBIT MACHINE. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GO?! THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!! No but seriously, she had this really concerned face on.

"Let me just see... come with me to register 3 and we'll purchase your item" So I literally bud lines and lines of customers just for her repurchase. Thankfully, no one complained because I did it fast enough but when she finished inputting her pin onto the debit machine, guess what she said? - "Now what??"

"I'm... processing your sale..." I'm not sure about you... but usually when you purchase something, you get something CALLED A FRIGGIN RECEIPT.

What does it look like I'm doing? Because I would really like to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and watch someone else make you line up again. She uttered those two words you use to thank someone but it was as if she was the Queen of England while I was simply a peasant lucky enough to be in her presence.

Oh well, I've seen worse *shrug*

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