Confessions of a Customer Service Rep

Haven't written a confession in a while. To be honest, work has been dandy. Until one faithful day just this past Wednesday. Long story short, a customer came in for literally TWO minutes (I am NOT exaggerating!) and declared our customer service was bad. I don't understand some people. For the long story, read more!

Work has been okay so far. A bit busy here and there but nothing I can't handle. A woman comes in and this is our conversation.

Me: *in my CS friendly voice* "How can I help you?"
Angry Lady Who Is Probably Lonely And Bitter: I'm here to pick up my car.
Me: Car? What's the name of the item (I don't work at a car dealership or anything of that sort, mind you)
ALWIPLAB: I don't know. It's a car... with wheels. I called in yesterday and today to say I was coming to pick it up.
Me: What's your name?
ALWIPLAB: Julie**. What kind of customer service is this? Do you guys not communicate? I called in yesterday and today. You guys are so unorganized.
Me: Ma'am I'm trying to ask you these questions to better track your item.
ALWIPLAB: This is ridiculous! I don't know how you guys communicate! *repeats what she said a billion times*

Um??? ALL CARS HAVE WHEELS? Or am I in outer space? I'm calling the guys in the back while she goes on mumbling about our bad customer service. I don't get how my service was bad or anything. I just know she targeted an innocent employee so she can let out her anger, CAUSED BY SOMETHING/SOMEONE ELSE. Anyway, the item came and she did not say a word to thank me, smile or anything but then again, I didn't expect anything. The lady stood in front of my desk for an extremely short period of two minutes and declared the service bad so she must be psycho.

Next time you give attitude or yell at an employee or ANYONE, think about it. Did they anger you? If the answer is no, have a positive attitude. You can sulk at home, play some R&B and cry yourself to sleep, I don't give a flying fuck. Putting your anger on someone that doesn't deserve it doesn't make you a good person. In my experience, I have never had a customer declare my service as bad. But whatever, rude bitches will be rude bitches.


** name changed (obviously)

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