Hair Dying At Home: Clairol Root touch-up vs. L'Oreal Root Rescue

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Ever since I went from my natural black hair to a light brown colour, I have always went to a salon to dye my hair. Having realize how much I spend, I decided to find a cheaper way. Off to Wal-mart I went. I first tried the Clairol Root Touch-Up and then L'Oreal's Root Rescue. Read more for my thoughts on these two products!

(the colours pictured are the exact colours I got)

I wasn't sure which dye to get so since I have light brown hair (according to my clip-in extensions, they're chestnut brown), I got light brown for Clairol. I never do strand/allergy tests, does anyone else do them? I just decide to skip it because I'm too lazy. Who can blame me right? I just want to dye my hair!

Anyway, followed instructions and even waited 15 minutes (it tells you to wait 10 minutes and an additional 5 minutes if you want more intense results). I then went to rinse and wash my hair. My results were disappointing. I mean, I should have done my research but I kept seeing Clairol's ads and I gave in. I went from black roots, to black roots (well it was lightened slightly but a normal person would never notice). My friend even said she couldn't really tell the difference. I don't have a picture to show you guys but there would be no point.

So anyway, I go visit Wal-mart again and my mom suggested L'Oreal and I had heard many good things about L'Oreal but just never had the chance to try. I got the Root Rescue and decided to look up the reviews. It was probably 80% bad and 20% good. I was about to just return it. I waited to try this one so I don't damage my hair too much and let me just tell you, I LOVED THE RESULTS. It matched my hair perfectly. For the record, I got a shade lighter than what I have. I got golden light brown from L'Oreal. I don't think my hair is that light but since I have naturally black hair, I got a lighter hair colour to match my current one.

This may sound silly, but it worked for me. After I finished applying the product to my roots, I put a plastic bag over my hair (see what I mean?) to create a bit of heat for the hair dye. Pointing a blow dryer over your hair dye just sounds scary. It worked pretty well for me! You can always use a shower cap or something but I didn't want any of the product to get on my shower cap.

Here are my results:

L'Oreal is now the only product I will try when it comes to hair dying at home. Love it!

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  1. I am sold on Clairol root touch-up...I have salon colour hair and I just needed my part in my hair touched up....Clairol medium blonde blended in with my salon colour perfectly. I highly reccomend it over Loreal as I tried it last time and it didn't do a thing and for the price there was barely enough product to do my middle part roots and a bit on my sides Clairol had more than enough product to do what I wanted!!

  2. Don't forget the L'Oreal may have seemed to work better becasue it was applied after the Clairol Root Touch Up which had already pre-lightened/softened up your roots. To get a true result you would have to apply the L'Oreal root touch up on new untreated grey roots, and then do a comparison.

  3. LOreal root rescue, In my opinion is out standing! I've never ever in 47 years used any store bought hair colors ..but haven't had the cash for my normal salon color..and its simply out standing.