Back To School: University/College edition.

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For most of you, school starts tomorrow. A lot of my coworkers are starting their first year of university this year and they have been asking me a lot of questions, which I thought I would share here. Enjoy!

- This isn't high school anymore! Your professor probably won't know your name, you're really just one in thousands and thousands of students going to the school. It's up to you to make yourself seen.
- Lots of freedom. This can be both good and bad. Finally, you can go to a place where your parents aren't going to be on your ass about something. You can skip class if you want to. You can refuse to show your parents your grades if you want to. Just be sure to time manage and focus. No one's going to be here to make sure you study or write your essays. It's all you!
- In high school, you'd be called a loser if you sat alone to eat lunch. This is a different world. Everyone has different schedules. Being alone is completely normal so don't feel like a loser. It's called independence.
- The library will be your second home. Or first.
- Make use of the resources available to you. There should be a bunch of student services on your school's website. You should make an academic advising appointment every school year to make sure you're on track to graduate the year you want to.
- Don't be afraid to speak up! Whether it's a question about taking the bus, residence, getting to a class, or simply just making friends. Sometimes you end up becoming friends with people you would never be able to meet elsewhere.
- University is an education, but also an experience. Enjoy it!

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