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I'm a reality TV junkie and I love most of MTV's reality TV shows (except Jersey Shore, sorry). I've been watching season 3 of Teen Mom lately and here are my thoughts!

I'm on episode 10 so far so these are just my opinions up to that episode. I cannot wait to watch the reunion episodes.

Maci: Definitely the best teen mom on the show. I don't think I've ever seen her get annoyed by or freak out at Bentley. I just don't get how she handles school and Bentley at the same time. Ryan is a douche and Kyle and her should get married. He seems like a genuine guy who cares about both Maci and Bentley.

Farrah: Sophia is the cutest baby of the bunch! I sometimes like Farrah and then sometimes I don't. She is a pretty good mom to Sophia, however, when it comes to her own mom and dad, I can't handle it. She does not ever listen or consider the fact that her parents are objecting to her moving, for example, because they care and love her rather than not letting her just because. Also does anyone find it weird she calls her dad by his first name? Unless he's not her real dad or something. I often prefer her dad over her mom but she's disrespectful to him as well. A lot of things she says to her parents, I would be SLAPPED if I ever said those things to my own parents.

Catelynn: I find her relationship with Tyler really adorable. They're obviously very mature in the way they communicate with each other and the way they talk about issues. It's as if they were a couple in their 30s or 40s. I give them props for going through with adoption and coping with the guilt together.

Amber: I don't know where to start. Worst mom of the year award. I don't know how Gary still wanted to be with her even after the violence and the rocky on and off thing. She never let him speak his mind, abused him both physically and emotionally and at the same time, allowed herself to be a crazy bitch in front of her daughter Leah. Sadly to say, Leah will probably remember the fighting and have that affect her future relationships.

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