Drama Review: Witness Insecurity / 護花危情

Synopsis: As a Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer, Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) is assigned to protect Kiu Chi Lam (Linda Chung). A lone figure who possesses a depressive streak, Chi Lam has few social ties with other people. Chi Lam learns the true meaning of happiness when Wai Sam enters her once solitary world. She even takes the initiative to pursue him!

However, Chi Lam’s father, Kiu Kong San (Paul Chun秦沛) disapproves of his daughter and Wai Sam being romantically involved. Perhaps the reason may be that Wai Sam works for the Police department, which threatens to tear apart Kong San’s wealth and status should his past secrets become unlocked.

Thirty years ago, Kiu Kong San was involved in questionable dealings with Lai Shu Fung (Lee Kwok Lun李國麟). The reemergence of Lai Shu Fung led Wai Sam to eventually discover the wealthy Kiu brothers’ past.

Rating: 7/10

Heavy spoilers. Do not click unless you do not plan on watching the drama or have already watched it

Any drama with Bosco Wong in it is just going to be an amazing drama. I've watched him since I was in my teens and I have never been disappointed! Linda Chung has also come a long way since her pageant days so I was excited to see her in a role like this.

Everything about this drama was flawless except for the lack of actual relationship and interaction between Hui Sir and Hailey. I think most fans watch dramas for their OTP's and couple pairing potential. I accidentally read spoilers to this drama so that's my own fault. I knew Bosco was dying before I even watched the final episode, but still ugh, death of a main character to end the drama? Way to go, TVB writers. Also, we don't see a wrap up of what happens to Kiu Kong San and his brother or how Hailey reacts to the news of her father being involved in a murder so long ago, etcetc. Rushed endings are a trademark of TVB, I always seem to forget.

It was definitely enjoyable to watch but I wish they had a different ending.

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