Review: The Avenue - Episode 1 (Season 2)

The Avenue is back for a second season! What's this avenue I speak of, you say?

It's a reality TV show starring Gregory Gorgeous, a makeup guru from Toronto on YouTube and his friends. He isn't just a makeup guru to me though-- he's a comedian as well.

Exhibit A - "Because anyone who honestly needs a VIDEO to know how to walk in heels should be put to sleep" DYING

Exhibit B - Don't you hate it when you go to Starbucks and this happens???

Episode 1 Review

I did some live tweeting (Tweet me @tracyylui) while I was watching the episode for the first time. But I'm just going to rewatch the episode and tell you my thoughts as I go along. HERE GOES!

- I love watching shows based in Toronto because I recognize the places
- Aww, my condolences to Greg and his family :(
- UM, Greg's house looks... GORGEOUS and expensive. But gorgeous. Holy.
- I find it interesting Greg has a closeted boyfriend (at least in this episode) because I feel like he would want someone who would be proud and out with him. Hmm
- Rachel looks different and not different as in different hair, makeup or clothes, ya dig? Does anyone think so too?
- Like I said on Twitter, I already hate Chad.
- Again, Chad... UGH
- Seeing the conversation between Greg and Arta, their friendship is cute!
- Omg Claire, just because your douchebag boyfriend wants you to be home at midnight, don't mean you gotta listen to him!
- "Don't let a man hold you down *WHIP*" AHAHAHA dead
- Awww at least Greg is respectful with Claire going home

Basically, I loved the episode and cannot wait to see more!
PS Greg retweeted/replied me and my life has been made. I love him!

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