Current Obsession: Union J

Being a fan of One Direction (I'm no Directioner though), you often hear that Union J is their enemy. I never understood or tried to understand why. I just kind of went "oh, okay" I didn't have an interest in Union J anyway. Then I saw a picture of George on Tumblr and went, holy hell, he's like the Harry Styles of Union J. I checked out their X Factor performances and went... THEY. ARE. AMAZING. I wish I appreciated them earlier.

I had a huge crush on Jaymi and then read he came out and went.. well, fuck. But no, I applaud him for being so brave and respect his sexual orientation. I do, still have a crush on him and his voice. His voice seriously blew me away! Beautiful, beautiful vocals.

Here is one of my favourite performances of theirs. AMAZING!

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