Current Obsession: James Arthur & X Factor UK

If you follow X Factor UK, you will know that James Arthur won the show. I didn't start watching X Factor (USA & UK) until I heard all these nonsense about Cece Frey on the US version. Then I discovered Union J (who I ADORE) and then James Arthur. I will say one thing - he DESERVES it.

I watched his audition once and it kind of stuck to me. It was a very unforgettable performance. Coupled with the fact that he seems to be a perfectionist in his work and compliments are just never enough for him. He is a genuine artist and I think our music industry needs this.

From what I have read about James, his parents split when he was young, he was living in a dingy bedsit (one room apartment would be the American/Canadian term) and had to struggle to even get food on the table for himself before auditioning for the X Factor. He was depressed at one point and contemplated suicide but he was said to have thought about his siblings and did not want to be selfish because they look up to him (awwwww).

He covers Shontelle's "Impossible" and it is now his single. I liked "Impossible" from the get-go but he made me LOVE this song. He truly made it his own. I am so in love! James Arthur is going to be huge and he deserves everything. I think what I love about him is he doesn't see himself as a celebrity. He's just so normal and I admire that about him. Well done, X Factor UK.

What are your thoughts on the results?

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