EXO Showtime - Episode 1


In light of the sad news of a member departing EXO, I decided I'd go back to rewatch some funnier moments in their showtime series. Rewatching and blogging my feelings as I go~

Starting with Episode 1. Watch with me :) Leeeeet's go!
(Warning: this post contains a lot of gifs and text of me lol'ing. beware)


I love the music that they play on Asian shows... makes it much funnier than it already is

Seeing them so confused, I wonder if this is all acting or if they are really told to just all sit in this room to film an unknown project

GUYS how hard is it to find a seat?

LOOOOL Luhan and D.O. startled by the screen and Baekhyun's OH

Awks.... saying hello to the screen, Suho. Nice. *cue awkward music*

LMFAO they're all so startled from the screen. It kills me. And the background music def helps.

Aw mama Chen passing out the mics.


Ahahhhahahahahahhhh Layyyyy LMAO

Omg Suho *facepalm* pls boy, no rapping necessary

Baekhyun's turn ee ya ya ee ya yaaaa

You know, I was pretty annoyed how Kris was being depicted in this episode. It could have been the editing or perhaps acting but UGH

I feel like they get so entertained so easily. Come on Kai, I was expecting a sexy dance

SUHO SIT DOWN PLX jesus lol our leader, jinjaa

Luhan going gorilla and Kris clapping unamusingly but somehow gets everyone excited to do the body wave. I DONT GET IT.

Most Handsome Member

Kris - ??
Luhan *gives look* - "Xiumin"
Chanyeol - Kai *Sehun spits out drink LOL*
D.O. - "Baekhyun"
Baekhyun - "D.O."
Suho - "Chen" *looks at Suho and bats his eyelashes*

Lay - "Sehun"
Xiumin *Luhan aegyo* - "Lu-ge!"
Tao - "Suho"
Kai *Chanyeol reminds Kai he chose him* - "Tao" *CUE SAD MUSIC ONCE AGAIN*
Sehun - "Suho"

Betrayals... so much. The most handsome goes to......... SUHO! or $UHO as we know it ;) Our great leader <3

Distinct Facial Features??
Awww Super Junior members, how cyuuute

Suho... forehead is good ne, ne... *zooms in on forehead* LMFAOOOOOOOO omg this part killed me. He's just like "yesyes thank you" while the camera is zoomed in lmao

Sehun... jawline. "Show us your strong jawline" "how?" *duck lips* LOL

Xiumin - single eyelids

Chen♥ SERIOUSLY HOW PRETTY IS HE and Chen fucking cracks me up because when he complains... its legit so whiny ahhahahahahahahhahahHAHAH

*Luhan pointing at Wifi username and password* he is def my #1... definitely

Kai.... sexy bronze skin *cue Tao laughter* Yes, Tao

Tao.... GREEN FACE? Baek, what are you on

Lay - Dimples

Chen - Dinosaur *cue whiny voice waaaaeeeee!!!!* LMFAO I love how Tao laughs at him and he's just stfu you're a green character

Baekhyun - looks like a woman HAHAHAHAHA and smile forms a rectangle

D.O. - heart shaped lips and big eyes

Chanyeol - yoda-like ears awwwwwww

Kris - cold guy. yes we established this already guys.

Chicken meal break

I can't bear to watch this. It's the middle of the night and I'm hungry.

Love Winks

Suho - water sip wink LMFAO Sehun barfing

Baekhyun - peace sign wink ULZZANG STATUS

D.O. - *smiles* *prepares* *stops smiling* left eye right eye left eye right eye

Sehun - Wolf wink ;)

Chanyeol - sideburn rub wink ne!!!

Luhan - nodding wink

(also lol at the cantonese song playing in the background)

Kai - standard double eye wink

Tao - let me fix my hat wink. Luhan is impressed.

Lay - standard wink

Chen - slow camel wink

Xiumin - sexy wink

EXO's winner - Kris
Mine - ...fuck I can't choose. SUHO, BAEK, XIUMIN AND LUHAN

Oh my goodness this post took longer than I thought.

Until next time, Exotics♥

cookies must be dipped. ne, majayo

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