Confessions of a Customer Service Rep

I always thought I'd only have negative things to say about my job but today. was. amazing. And it only took one person, one tiny person. Lot of rambles and caps. Enter at your own risk.

I woke up to go to work feeling so. fucking. tired. You don't even understand, I've been developing this habit of sleeping at 4AM and getting an average of 6 hours of sleep. Most of you are probably rolling your eyes like "GURL, you ain't seen nuttin'" but seriously, 6 hours is really little. I need to get like 9-10 hours before I'm like shit, last night was such a good sleep.

We had a crazy flyer on baby products and the moms went WILD. I was walking out of the breakroom and literally saw tons of grownass adults and preggerz women fighting and grabbing the items. I didn't even care to look at how much it was. I really doubt the discount was much. People are just crazy. ANYWAY, the point was... it was a crazy flyer + weekend + customers = DISASTER. Another service rep and I were working non-stop for the first four hours. I started at 10 and didn't get a "break" until around 2. By this time, a few more service reps came into work and I got to slack off a bit. In comes the CUTEST LITTLE BOY I HAVE EVER SEEN. OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN STOP YELLING BECAUSE LIKE, THIS LITTLE BOY MADE ME WANNA HAVE MY ~OWN BABIES.

He must have been around 4ish 5 years old. Apparently him and his dad found a gift card on the floor. He gave it to me and I was my usual customer service smile and voice "AW, thank you SO much!!!" I did not expect this because well, kids are spoiled and don't care about your thank you's but he hugged me!!!! I was like AWWWWW. And then he said something like "I can gwive you a kiss t-woo" and he gave me a kiss on the cheeks. OH MY GOSH, I WAS DYING INSIDE. By now, everyone including customers and my coworkers were looking and I felt so special... like "oh that girl must have done a super good job" but no, all I did was take a gift card from a little boy. A couple of my coworkers saw and was like "Awww he's going to be a little player when he grows up"

It's funny how little things like this can make your day. But seriously, anyone wanna donate their baby to me? No?

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  1. Awwww that's too cute!! That's a day worth remembering, and enough to take all the stress away! I couldn't help but gush at your experience, just as I was reading that part about him wanting to give you a kiss! Now that would elicit not a customer rep smile, but a genuine one!