Music Mondays: "Made a wrong turn, once or twice. Dug my way out, blood and fire"

Photo by chiarashine

I decided to feature a cover today. I love Pink's song "Fuckin' Perfect" and one of my favourite bands Boyce Avenue just posted a cover of it. This song sends such a good message and Boyce Avenue does an amazing on every one of their covers. I'm going to their concert in Toronto this month. Very excited!

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  1. every now and then pink puts out a song like this and WHAM, it's magic. thanks for sharing this cover ((:

  2. @sugarmouse Haha I agree! And no problem :)

  3. I had NO idea you were going to this concert, and I am totally dying of jealousy right now because Alex Goot is touring with them, and I'm in love with him, so you're going to get to see him too! I was so bummed when I saw that there was no Florida stop on the tour. You HAVE to post a review of the concert, so I can live vicariously through you! haha <3

  4. @L I completely forgot until my friend was like "hey make sure you're free next week because we're seeing Boyce Avenue!" I can't believe I'm see them live!!! I've been a big fan of them since forever. I'll definitely let you know how it goes :)