Photos: China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover

I'm not really a nails kind of girl but I saw this pretty colour at Sally's and decided to try it. At first, I could not picture myself wearing this colour so I wore it on my toes and I absolutely loved it! I bought some other colours which I'll be showing you as soon as I can. Read more to see how this turned out!

I first used my Revlon Shape N' Buff which I bought a while ago from Shoppers Drug Mart but rest assured, they still sell it. It has labels on all the sides so you know which section to use first. Step 1 is evening out, step 2 is smoothing, step 3 is buffing and finally step 4 gives your nails a shine.

I applied two coats of the polish and also added two coats of Sally Hansen's Megashine top coat which I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart. Check your local drugstore and see if they carry Sally Hansen products. If they do, you may be able to find this top coat in the store. It really does dry in just 60 seconds! I had no idea this was such a good top coat since I didn't really do my research before buying this product but I read some reviews by other people and if you're going to buy any top coat, buy this one!

Price: $6 CAD
Where to buy: Sally's Beauty Supply
Spa Boutique for my fellow Canadians for my American friends.
If you don't live in Canada or USA, do a quick search in Google "china glaze four leaf clover (your country)"

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  1. Wow, that's actually a really cute colour. I've never gone beyond anything pink or black. I'm ridiculously chicken shit.

  2. @Cheryl Thanks! I painted my toes just to be on the safe side. Painting my nails is always a challenge especially when it comes to using my left hand.