Review: Nailene - French Tip Pen Kit

I'm still really new with nail products and saw this on sale so I decided to try it. I would NOT recommend this product. For a drugstore product priced around $10, this is definitely not something I expected. Read more for my review!

At first, I kinda liked the product. The white tip part was really a true white and the pink nail polish looked really nice. However within a day or two, I start to notice the nail polish is peeling and it looked pretty nasty. It got to the point I decided to scratch it off because I was bored. The quality of the polish wasn't that great either. Usually when you put uneven coats onto your nail, they kind of melt and somehow blend. This one didn't and it made two lumps on my nails.

When I was trying to take it off with polish remover, I was literally standing in my washroom rubbing my nails like I was a kid playing a frustrating video game. The white tip part didn't come off easily! It took me five minutes to just take it off one nail. It was horrid. It shouldn't take me longer to take it off...

Bottom line, I do not recommend this product. If you want a french manicure, find a good quality white nail polish and a pinkish nail polish. Apply the white nail polish on the top part of your nail and erase mistakes by dipping a brush (any shadow makeup brush will do) into polish remover if necessary. After that, just apply a few coats of the pink polish. And if you've got extra cash, go get a manicure at a salon and treat yourself!

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  1. I tried this product once (Sally Hansen version) and had the same experience! Disappointing! I guess there is DIY alternative to going to the nail salon!

    I found you through 20-something bloggers. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. @*Allie*Thank you! I hope I don't disappoint :)