Viral Video: Boy body-slams his alleged bully

I don't think I ever thought of creating my blog for this type of thing but I can't keep my mouth zipped for this one. In this video, a 16 year old named Casey (in the red shirt) is repeated punched by his rather small bully, Richard. Out of anger, Casey picks up Richard and slams him on the ground.

Let me first explain why I feel like I needed to comment. I study Children's Studies in university and I just wrapped up a research project so I'm quite in my ~study mode. I've watched the news videos and individual interviews of Casey and Richard. Before watching the video, I thought Casey was the bully they were talking about. I regret making that assumption so much. I think Richard had that slam coming for him. If you watch the video, you'll notice lots of bystanders around and he was bouncing side to side in a stance that he was ready to fight.

In Richard's interview video, he claims to be a victim. He says that Casey made a comment which made him punch him repeatedly. I don't buy it, sorry. He had his friends (one of them goes up to Casey to give him some ~last words) around him watching and the kid, like I mentioned above was ready to fight. That being said, he got that slam. That's that. End of story. I do not think Richard deserves the hateful comments he's been receiving since this video has gone viral. Those hateful comments are hypocritical. You're doing what he was doing to Casey. Stop it already. At the end of the day, these boys are kids. They've got a lot to learn.

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