"Woman, 23, killed outside nightclub 'because she accidentally interrupted a photo'"

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I've just done my research on this whole ordeal so now I'm a little clear. Long story short, the alleged story is that 23 year old Kim Pham happened to walk in front of a photo that was being taken outside of a nightclub (ahem, drunk girls who think they are models) and a confrontation sparked because of that. This led to her death - she was brutally beaten by a group of people comprising of both guys and girls. Kim Pham was an aspiring writer and wrote articles about overcoming fear on her blog for youth, like myself.

I talked about something like this previously here about a toddler in China that was left alone and then rolled over several times by cars and trucks alike. Yet all the bystanders who walked by did not do anything about a toddler laying on the ground, unconscious. This is no different. This took place in America and was over, honestly, the DUMBEST reason ever. While it's only suspected that that was the reason, I really don't doubt it either. While I live over here in Toronto, nightclubs are usually the same with alcohol, women dressing up, alcohol, men trying to get lucky... and you know, alcohol. Your photo is ruined - boohoo!!!! Take another one? Or just enjoy yourself and forget the stupid photos? I am sure this accidentally walking into someone's photo is so common - oops, here's a bridge, get over it. I guess I am just shocked that this is why a beautiful, young and successful woman was killed over.

What's utterly disgusting is that nobody did anything about it. They just grabbed their phones and started filming. I understand the fear of getting involved in something dangerous but instead of filming, grab help! or do something because if I were in that situation, I would absolutely hate myself for not doing anything whether it be simply calling the police, getting security... hell even throwing a brick at them would have helped.

I know girls can be nasty to girls to the point where it feels like disliking one another is just part of society. It is still unacceptable but the fact these boys (because they are not men) actually hit a girl with other girls? Not to mention, these murderers are loose - they are free people. Meaning they are getting away with what they did that night. They have one suspect - her attorney has already tried the "but (victim) threw the first punch" what? Your client is looking really guilty now. And also, I feel really bad for that 5 year old son of hers.

If you live in California and know anything, I urge you to contact the police with information. I am sure you all have a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, close relative or friend. Imagine this is one of them - do not let anyone get away with this. They all deserve to be locked up.

Rest in peace, Kim Pham.

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