Girly Review: Her (2013)

From IMDb: A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need.


When I saw this trailer, I knew I HAD to watch this. I love these kind of movies with an odd concept yet you're still dying to know what it's all about. It was indeed a very beautiful film to watch.

Of course, I have to admit, falling in love with a "computer system" in real life would get you to the corner where all the weirdos are. But the thoughts that went through Theodore's mind were interesting. In this film by Spike Jonze, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a writer who has just gotten out of a relationship/marriage but has not yet signed the divorce papers because he was not ready to let go. Upon passing an advertisement of a new artificially intelligent OS, he ends up making a purchase.

Theodore awaiting his new companion, Samantha

In comes Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent operating system that we watch evolve, grow and learn new things throughout the film. As the film went on and Theodore's interactions with Samantha grew, I understood how a human being could potentially fall in love with a seemingly human voice, but the parts where they had phone sex had me go "... really?" To each their own, but watching this in the theatre had me wiggling slightly in my seat. Eventually, when he starts calling her his girlfriend and vice versa, I was like wow, these people that he's introducing her to are taking it really well. Understandably, this film takes place in the future when I guess humans even more so heavily rely on technology. But if a friend introduced me to his girlfriend/boyfriend as a thing that's artificially intelligent, I would question a lot of things.

I liked that the ending was vague enough that the audience could interpret it in their own way. When I first watched it, I thought that the OS creators were just ditching the products because there were too many troubleshoots, but reading Wikipedia told me otherwise (thanks, Wikipedia). One thing I really, really liked about the film was the absolutely stunning cinematography. I was dying to go home and look up where they filmed it - turns out they filmed it in Shanghai and LA. Theodore's condo/building was just to die for. The night views of the city lights, the spacious living room, blinds-less windows - it was STUNNING.

Excuse me, Theodore.. can I live with you?

To wrap it up, I liked the film. It was just a weird concept and my brain almost hurt from trying to wrap my head around it all. I wasn't too sure how to feel as Theodore just lost a friend and companion. But I believe the conclusion is that he will find happiness some day. As always, I end my posts with a song. Here is one from the film, check it out:

What are your thoughts?

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