EXO Showtime Episode 3

I'M BACK! Boredom rules all.

Watch with me as I go along for episode 3!

Chanyeol's birthday! I love how everyone says nice things and then there's his wifey Baek...

Awww, Chanchan looks so confused while everyone knows what's going on hehehehee. So cute Chanyeol is a Kai fan LMFAO. I remember thinking Chanyeol is so weird when I first watched this - like what the hell bro. Stanning for someone in your own band LOL

Poor Chanyeol :'( Ditched by his crush and maknae Sehunnie. I present to you THE gif of the fandom LOOOOOOOOOL

Baekhyun posing like a model LOL photoshoot time HAHAHA I love the runway like music that starts playing.

Chanyeol somehow finds his way to his hyungs... how the. I'd feel so sad and lonely if I were him - sensing none of my hyungs wanted me around *cries*

Fucking dying, the maknaes Kai and Sehun somehow find themselves at a convenience store??? omg I can't look

Awww Luhan and Xiumin, my fave couple hehe.

The time has come!!! Poor Chanyeol hahaha, only get the presents if he gets the present-giver right!

1. Leopard hoodie
Chanyeol's Guess: Chen
+1 for Chanchan!

2. Wolf hat
Chanyeol's Guess: Luhan
Nope! It was sleepy Lay

3. Roast chestnut hat
Chanyeol's Guess: Kai
Wrong again! It was Xiumin hyung

4. Harry Potter glasses
Chanyeol's Guess: Suho
+1 for Chanchan! Except Suho's disappointed in his reaction LOL

5. Q-tips, Listerine, Gloves, etc
Chanyeol's Guess: Kai
+1 for Chanchan!

6. Snapback
Chanyeol's Guess: Lay
Wronggggg ahahahahahha poor Tao

7. Beanie
Chanyeol's Guess: Luhan
Yayyyyyyy Chanyeol!

8. Leopard pants to go with the hoodie!
Chanyeol's Guess: Baekhyun
And another win for Chanyeol!

9. Tee & undies
Chanyeol's Guess: Kris
WOooo~ Chanyeol's on a roll

10. Giraffe doll
Chanyeol's Guess: Lay
No points for Chanchan

6/10 score for Chanyeol! LOL not bad, but he lost out on everything he actually wanted *ahem* HATS

LMFAO he's wearing his presents all together... DEAD

Until next time, Exotics♥

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