Drama Review: The Heirs / The Inheritors / 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 / 상속자들

A romantic comedy about high school students living in top 1% high society, learning about love and friendship. Things get turned topsy turvy when the students end up getting tangled with a girl from lower class who is the heir of "poverty", and romance unfolds.

Rating: 9/10

Spoilers! Do not click unless you have already watched it or do not intend on watching it. Thanks!

I knew I would be hooked the moment I watched the first episode. Usually the first episode determines whether I'll finish the drama or not. Due to my work schedule, I believe it took me a week or two to actually finish the drama.

It was overall a great drama. I have watched Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sang) in other dramas (You're Beautiful) and I have also watched Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan) in other dramas as well, mainly Boys Over Flowers. Jesus, Lee Min Ho is so pretty - like how is it possible for someone to be that pretty. At first, I didn't know how I felt about the pairing which is why I didn't watch this drama until now, but I think they've got great chemistry together.

How to get close to a girl 101... *applause* oh, Kim Tan

I also thought Kim Woo Bin (Choi Young Do) was unattractive at first but maybe it was the ugly personality he projected in the beginning of the drama but by the end + watching interviews of him, I was like goddamn HE CUTE. Also, Kim Ji Won played such a bitchy character but she is SO pretty. I wanted to hate her, but I found it pretty hard - she was just a fierce character.

Kim Woo Bin (Choi Young Do) and Kim Ji Won (Rachel Yoo)

(all the eye candy was worth the nights I stayed up to watch this drama, forreals)

I was a bit... lost with the ending. I mean there were a lot of questions I had and I often dislike dramas like this. You make me go through a roller coaster of emotions and then leave me hanging? LIKE... WAEEEE???

What happens with Jeguk Group? Does the chairman end up being okay? It would have been nice to see him marry Tan's mother since she seemed to be the only woman who genuinely cared about him and she was unable to reveal her true identity to the outside world for all these years. Does Kim Won actually end up marrying that chick? Does he end up finding happiness after losing Jun Hyun Joo? What happens with Hotel Zeus? Will Young Do be okay without his father? I thought I'd be seeing more drama surrounding the Chairwoman? She mentioned how they might have won but that's not the last of her. I assumed she would have done something more evil to take over the company. Back to my first question - if the Chairwoman gets half of the company after they get the divorce... what really ends up happening to the company?

Besides all those question, I quite enjoyed the drama. I think the constant crying from Cha Eun Sang annoyed me at one point and just the overall unrealistic concept that both these handsome rich boys were going crazy over a simple poor girl, but I did quite enjoy watching Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin - they are extremely talented!

What are your thoughts?

As always, I end my reviews with some songs that I love from the OST!

Cold Cherry - Growing Pains 2 (aka love theme song for Cha Eun Sang and Young Do)

Changmin (2AM) - Moment

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  1. Hi Tracy

    I happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for reviews of k-dramas. I've noticed your posts stopped in 2015, so I am unsure of whether you will see this comment, however, I will comment anyway.

    I absolutely loved The Heirs! It was the first k-drama I watched, and up until now, is one of my favorites. I didn't think much of Park Shin Hye's character. she became quite annoying at times. I did however feel that Lee Min Ho and her had great chemistry. I've watched many k-dramas since, and very few have made me feel the depth of emotion I felt while watching the romance between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang unfold. I think it's the sincerity of Kim Tan's love for Cha Eun Sang, and the fact that he would give up absolutely everything for her that resonates so much with me. Kim Woo Bin's character was also interesting. At first, you can't help but dislike him, but as the show progresses you realize that he is really a kind and soft-hearted guy who has just been dealt a bad hand and has put up walls to protect himself from being hurt again. It's interesting to watch Cha Eun Sang slowly break that wall down, brick by brick, until we finally see the true Young Do. Kim Won's character was also very interesting. It was really enjoyable to watch him go from seeing Tan this huge threat and treating him accordingly, to eventually becoming the older brother that Tan always wanted. I also quite liked the characters of Yoon Chan Young, Lee Bo Na, Yoo Ra Ae, Kim Tan's mum and Lee Hyo Shin. They made the show fun to watch. The plot is that of a typical k-drama ( rich guy, poor girl fall in love), and was pretty predictable, yet this is one k-drama that I would watch over and over again. Maybe I'm a sucker for cheesy romances haha.

    Do you have any other cheesy, romantic k-dramas you can recommend?

    1. Hi there!! I know, I have been very bad at updating lately due to my work schedule :( I still am watching dramas and currently I'm watching one called "One Happy Ending" with Jang Nara, whom I watched in the korean remake of "Fated to Love You" It's still airing though so I need to control myself with the episodes. It's really good so far though so I would definitely recommend checking it out!!

      Also I'm trying to finish Oh My Venus - but kind of lost interest after discovering One Happy Ending, but it falls into the category of cheesy/romantic dramas :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.